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Steve speaks worldwide for banks, brokerage organizations, insurance companies, estate planning councils, bar associations, accounting organizations, financial planning groups, charitable consortiums, and to lay audiences. His talks are exciting, practical, humorous, creative, and informative and are accompanied with extensive and comprehensive outlines.



The most popular topics include:

Life Settlements 101: What Every Planner Needs To Know
Approximately 1 to 1.5 hours
(Appropriate for all levels of professionals)
Life Settlements defined, Role of L.E. Explained, Role of Investors Discussed, When Indicated, When Contra-Indicated, Due Diligence, Taxation, Investor Scams, STOLI, Advising Clients

INSURABLE INTEREST: What Every Life Insurance Agent, Attorney, and CPA Needs To Know:
Can be 1 to 2 hours
(Suitable for All Professional Levels)

INVESTOR INITIATED LIFE INSURANCE: What It Is - How IT Works - And Pros and Cons
1 hour
(Suitable for All Professional Levels)

WHAT'S HOT, WHAT'S NOT: Recent Cases, Rulings, Regulations involving Life
Insurance in Business, Estate, Retirement, Employee Benefit, and Charitable
Can be 1 to 2 hours

(Suitable for all professional levels but most appropriate for intermediate
and advanced groups)

(Approx. 1.5 - 2 hours)

Is There Life After Split-Dollar? Steve discusses the Pros and Cons of
Seven Alternative Ways to Pay Large Premiums

(Suitable for all professional levels but most appropriate for intermediate
and advanced groups)

Dr. Rusty Scalpel: A Minicase With a Sharp Point:
Case study that teaches seminar presentation and case work-up system:
3 Hours

(Excellent for all levels)

The single most popular talk Steve gives! In this three part seminar, Steve first teaches his unique "Leimberg LIVES" seminar presentation so attendees can themselves impress clients with the problems faced in accumulating, conserving, and distributing estates. He then demonstrates his Estate and Financial Planning Alphabet, a checklist of tax oriented creative problem solving tools. In the second part of the seminar, attendees learn a case work-up process that's fast and efficient, enabling them to spot problems and brainstorm practical viable solutions in minutes. Part three takes the process full cycle. It's a special summary technique that helps present problems and solutions to the client and an "Action Matrix" that enables attendees to co-ordinate the efforts of the entire planning team and log results as they are accomplished.

Life Insurance in Charitable Planning:
1.5 hours

(Suitable for all levels)

Participants will be able to take this presentation and run with it. Steve shares information about the benefits, tax implications, and creative uses of life insurance in charitable planning in a way that can be readily shared with others. Steve gives analysis and frank opinion on leading edge - and bleeding edge concepts - such as Charitable Reverse Split Dollar - and other forms of dangerous over-the-top diseases.

Tough Issues in Buy-Sell Planning:
3 Hours

(Suitable for intermediate to advanced groups)

Beyond the basics, this talk uses recent actual cases and rulings to cover tax traps and planning opportunities and covers business succession planning in a deeper broader degree than most other talks. Learn not just the law but how to apply it to give your clients a leg-up - and to keep them from putting their foot in it. Steve also covers the psycological aspects of family enterprises so participants will know not only what makes a client or prospective client tick but also how to wind them up.

Marketing An Estate Planning Practice:
2.5 to 3 Hours

(Suitable for all levels)

What do the National Association of Estate Planners and Councils, The AICPA Annual Estate and Financial Planning Meetings, and the Million Dollar Round Table have in common? This talk has drawn a standing ovation at all of these. Steve demonstrates his "positive differentiation" theory, "Leimberg Leveraging", the "firestorm principal", and his "OPM/OPC/OPML" concepts - along with over 100 "you can use tomorrow" ideas for bringing in a steady stream of quality clients. This session will change the way you practice - forever!

Creative Uses of Life Insurance in Estate Planning:
3 Hours

(Suitable for all levels)

Over 20 different turnkey working concepts are covered in this talk originally created for and televised by the Pennsylvania Bar Institute. Each idea is presented in "mini-case" format with step-by-step guidance. Participants learn the "mass participation perpetual gift", the "charitable gift gambit", the "super-leaseback", the "so-simple it's overlooked", the "carve-out", the "cut-out", and many more sophisticated ways life insurance can be used to enhance the financial security of a client's business, family, or favorite charity.

Ask for What You Want! Questions to ask in Business Planning Interview:
1.5 hours

(Suitable for beginning and intermediate level professionals)

No device is more powerful to assure action and cooperation than a properly asked question. Steve covers almost 100 questions that should be asked in a business planning interview. He explains how questions should be asked - and demonstrates why a poorly asked question can turn clients off - and how a well-phrased question can make all the difference. Active listening is a learn-able skill and participants learn how.

How to Give a Speech:
This is a special one day session that Steve presents for groups of 10 or more executives or for study groups. Participants learn over 20 principles that will enhance their speaking skills and ability to communicate and persuade more effectively.

The Psychology of Giving: Giant Steps Along the Philanthropic Journey
(Approximately 1 to 1.5 hours)
Appropriate for Lay and Professional Audiences

You’ll learn how to share and transfer your family’s ethical values to your children and grandchildren, wealth optimization, the four fundamental human desires, what it means to be and how to become a "Distinguished Human Being"

Psychological Implications of Business Succession Planning (What Your Parents Never Told You!)
(Approximately 1 to 1.5 hours)

Appropriate for all levels of professionals and sophisticated closely-held business clients

Think poor tax planning causes the loss of family businesses? Think again! Steve Leimberg as he covers Stress and Crack in the Process - What Causes it and How to Eliminate it, The Six Key Issues That Every Business Owner Needs to Address - But Only If He/She Wants the Business to Survive, Contradictions Between Family Values and Business Values, Non-Tax Factors That Lead to Business Succession Failure, Personality Profiles of Business Owners, Differences Between "Old" and "New" Entrepreneurs, Profile of Ideal Business Advisors, How to Absolutely Positively Assure a Business will Die the Day the Business Owner Dies (or Becomes Disabled)!, Success: Common Sense Success Rules

Ethics and Bleeding Edge Issues Involving Life Insurance: Planners Behaving Badly
(Approximately 1 to 1.5 hours)

Created specifically for the Florida Bar Association, this talk is appropriate for all levels of planners and multi-disciplinary professional groups

Opinions on opinion letters, Review of recent cases and rulings involving ethics, conflict of interest, fraud, misrepresentation, and Golden Rules. This should qualify in most states for ethics credits.


2013 speaking fees are $12,995 ($7,995 for Estate Planning Chapters, Bar Associations, CFP/CLU/ChFC, CPA Society, and other nonprofit organizations) plus expenses (Expenses include first class airfare) for up to a morning or afternoon seminar.


Steve is in regular contact with the best and brightest minds in estate, financial, employee benefit, and retirement planning. Feel free to call Steve at 610 888 2650 or send an email for a reference to one or more speakers on topics such as retirement planning, pension distribution planning, or other areas of interest. Steve can also provide names of people for expert witness testimony.


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