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The Book of Trusts 4th Edition
The Ultimate Tool in a Time of Uncertainty

All you need to know about trusts can be found in this comprehensive up-to-date text specifically created for the sophisticated layperson. Non-professionals now have a source of objective information never previously available.

This book is also an invaluable tool for the CPA, attorney, insurance agent, or financial planner to explain what trusts are and how they work to their clients or as an introduction to or review of many aspects of trust planning. It’s a perfect gift for many occasions.

At last, the whole truth about trusts! THE BOOK OF TRUSTS 4th Edition is written in an easy-to-read Q&A format that defines each term, explains how it works, and covers the costs, downsides, and pitfalls as well as the advantages of each concept.

This is a "non-nonsense" guide to every popular type of trust currently used in estate and financial planning.

Copyright 2005

Table of contents:  

1. Why We Need Trusts
2. How Trusts Work
3. Laws Affecting Trusts—New
4. Using Trusts to Avoid Probate
5. The Case For- and Against-Revocable Living Trusts
6. How Revocable Living Trusts are Affected by Income, Gift and Estate Taxes
7. What Assets Should NOT be placed in a Revocable Living Trusts
8. Short-Form Securities Trusts
9. Trusts for Unique and Difficult Situations
10. Trusts for Disability and Old Age
11. The Use of Trusts in Medicaid Planning
12. Trusts for Minors
13. Trusts for Handicapped Children
14. Trusts that Protect Assets from Creditors
15. Irrevocable “Self-Settled” Trusts
16. Marital and By-Pass Trusts
17. Optional (“Disclaimer”) Trusts
18. Joint Trusts

19. Irrevocable Trusts
20. Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts
21. Generation-Skipping and “Dynasty” Trusts
22. How and When to Put Your House in Trusts—The House GRIT
23. GRATs and GRUTs
24. IDITs and Private Annuity Trusts
25. Charitable Gifts and Private Foundations
26. Charitable Split-Interest Trusts
27. “Business” Trusts
28. Trust Frauds, Fantasies, and Abuses
29. Are Lawyers Really Necessary?
30. The Problem With Tear-Out Trusts
31. How to Choose the Best Trustee
32. Trust Flexibility with Trust Protectors--New
33. Total Return Trusts--New
34. How Trustees Get into Trouble
35. Trust Investments and the Prudent Investor Rule--New
36. Trust Tax Returns--New
37. Rights of Beneficiaries in Trusts


Appendix D: Checklist of Trustee’s Duties Following Death of Grantor/Beneficiary
Appendix E: What Are the Trustee’s Duties Following Death of Grantor/Beneficiary
Appendix F: IRS Forms that May Be Useful in Planning or Administering Estates or Trusts
Appendix G: IRS Announcement on “Abusive Trusts”
Appendix H: Glossary of Trusts and Key Trust Planning Terms
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Available in CD-ROM version (in adobe pdf format for high resolution on-screen reading and printing). The CD-ROM version (pdf) is also available for online downloading.


The Book of Trusts 4th Edition (Book on CD-ROM - Adobe PDF Format) $49.95 plus s/h
The Book of Trusts 4th Edition (Electronic Download) $49.95

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